14x17 / 19x19 ULF Field Camera

Construction: Oak with Aluminium and Stainless Steel Fittings.
Plate Size: 14x17 inches (335x430mm) however a maximum of 19x19 inches (480x480mm) is also possible.
Bellows Draw: 16 to 40 inches (400-1000mm)
Lens Board: 7x7 inches (178x178mm)
Weight: 13kg Camera, 5kg Plate Holder… so pretty heavy.


This camera was a project started by another photographer who had commissioned a joiner to build him a camera, the project didn’t get beyond the rear standard, bellows and part of the camera base. I have since finished the camera adding the plate holder, focusing screen, front standard and finishing the base so now it’s ready to go and shoot some plates.